Cellular Plans

Proven Wireless Has The Right Plan For You

No Contracts & No Credit Checks

Rate Plan Options Include:

  • Multiple Carrier Networks
  • 30 Day Bill Cycles
  • Individual, Family Share, & Corporate Plans
  • Bring Your Own 3G/4G Devices
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • CDMA Yellow Network Supports Existing 4G Sim Cards
  • CDMA Red Network Requires a New 4G SIM Card
Cellular Phone

Unified Music PLAY 40 Million Songs - No Ads

$12.99/mo Family Share Plans with Unlimited Playlists


  • HD Music Streaming
  • Listen to the Radio
  • Download Songs to Your Phone
  • Create Your Own Station
  • Search Every Genre
  • Create Unlimited Playlists
  • See What's Trending
Mobile Wallet Program

MyTime Mobile Wallet / Prepaid Debit Card

Move Money anywhere in the World for Free.

MyTime Debit Card Program Benefits:

  • Easy and Secure Way to Pay & Get Paid.
  • No Monthly Fee on Mobile Wallet Account
  • Load / Offload Money to Checking / Savings
  • Move Money to other Users For Free
  • Pay Bills Including Wireless Bill
  • VISA Debit: Use funds on your VISA Debit anywhere VISA is accepted
  • VISA Debit: Withdraw funds from your VISA Debit to any ATM worldwide
  • VISA Debit: Move funds to any MyTime Wallet VISA Debit Customer in real-time for free
Become A Distributor

Corporate Business Plans for Employees

Get Rid of Unlimited Plans and Only Pay for the Usage Your Employees Actually Use

$10/Mo then the Wholesale Price Per Minute/SMS/MB

  • Create Spending Limits for Each Employee
  • Track Expenses by Department
  • Offer CDMA/GSM Networks
  • Supports International Long DistanceServices
  • Link A MyTime Mobile Wallet / Debit Card Payroll Program
  • Save 30% to 50% of your current wireless spending
  • Monitor Employee Spending in Real-Time